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Welcome to our testimonial page where you can view videos and read testimonials about the classes and work we do. You will also see testimonials and reviews of books by Diane Zimberoff, David Hartman and Jesse Hartman.  Watch and read what the Wellness community is saying about our hypnotherapy trainings and how it has changed their lives personally and professionally. If you like what you see, check out our YouTube Channel for more videos.

Vivian D: Talking about her experience attending the Six Day Class (1:00)
Ajayan B: Talking about his experience attending the Six Day Class (2:29)
Kathleen C: How Hypnotherapy helped heal cancer (3:30)
Jeri S: Talking with Diane Zimberoff about her Internship experience (5:29)
Tom G: Wellness's powerful healing process (1:05)
Des R: Shares his experience after completing the two year Internship (1:34)
Muriel P: Wellness is like summer camp for grown ups (1:40)
Jeri S: Talking with Diane Zimberoff about the PTI (7:17)

Nadia A: Recommends David, Diane, and The Wellness Institute
Tom M: How hypnosis and the Trim Life Program helped me lose 70 pounds
Jeanne H: Shares about her experience starting Internship #42
Joan D: The value of community
Zoe W: The effectiveness of heart-centered hypnotherapy
June B: The Wellness Courses changed my life!

Breaking Free From the Victim Trap by Diane Zimberoff
Longing for Belonging by Diane Zimberoff
Collecting Lessons by David Hartman
A Journey to Financial Well-Being by Jesse Hartman

Vivian is a graduate of the Wellness Institute Six Day Certification Course. On the last day of the course in a final sharing exercise, this is what she had to say.

Delores is a graduate of the Advanced Internship Training. She talks about The Wellness Institute being her healthy family and more.


Ajayan (www.Ajayan.com) is a recent graduate of the Wellness Institute Six Day Certification Course. On the final day of the course in a final sharing exercise, this is what he had to say.

Kathleen talks with Diane Zimberoff about her recovery from cancer and atributes much of her healing to the work she has done with The Wellness Institute.
In a conversation with Diane, Jeri discusses her experience of the benefits of participating in the Internship training at The Wellness Institute.

Tom G. shares his first experience with heart-centered hypnotherapy, and how powerful it was in his healing process, and power of clarity when he chose to take The Wellness Institute's two year Internship.

Des R. shares his experience in the Wellness Institute's two year Internship Course.

Muriel P shares her experience completing the Wellness PTI Leadership Course, and compares her experience to summer camp when she was a child. Wellness provides a place for adults to safely experience intimacy and grow tremendously personally and professionally - summer camp for grown ups.

In this conversation with Diane, Jeri discusses her experience with The Institute's training programs, especially the PTI Leadership course.

I am just once again wanting to say thank you to you and David, and Yvonne, for showing me and teaching me through your actions and words how to BE.


I just completed a session with one of my business network people and again I felt such gratitude for your teaching and the process you created. Once again this person, among many others, walked away feeling so much better, with tools to use 'out there'. The other day a woman gave this testimony: "I could have bought a house with all the money I have spent on therapy. With Zoe, it only took once!"  A bit of an exaggeration....but a very happy client, indeed!

Additionally, tomorrow a woman is coming to do three sessions on smoking/deeper issues and she has passed my name onto her agencies' Wellness Committee Chair to do relaxation work with their employees.

-Zoe Waggoner

The Wellness Institute not only provided a first class educational experience but a sense of community that will last a lifetime. I also very much appreciated the professionalism in their business operations, timely communication and generosity. I am grateful for the personal development and healing that can only be achieved through dynamic group leadership, and especially the teaching Diane and David provide along with their superb assistants. I know I was saved years of healing through my time at Wellness. I know I will continue my journey with them for many years to come. A real bang for your buck!

-Joan Dudley

Hello Diane and David, my dear teachers:
Today I received my certificate.  I felt so happy, really happy.  Butch was the one that opened the envelop and congratulated me. This is a great accomplishment for what I am very proud. All my life, I always dreamed about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I had to be free from the military life style & that rigid system to be able to fly with my own wings.  Thanks so much. My blessings always for you both, for a long life of health, wisdom and sharing wilh all of us your students and everybody that you get to touch with your caring love. I am so happy to be your students and to continue to learn from my dear masters. Love and many kisses/hugs.  Always,
        - Sonia Huffman

Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman are exceptional teachers and therapists. Their trainings are thorough, clear, thought provoking and insightful. In a supportive and safe learning and healing environment, they guide you as you do your own deep personal work as well as learn powerful, healing techniques to help your clients. The Wellness Institute is THE place for cutting edge, psycho-spiritual modalities that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. I highly recommend Diane, David, and The Wellness Institute. -Nadia Ahrenz

Dear John, 


I thought I would send you a note to let you know that, after 9 years, I have still maintained my weight loss. As you know, I formerly weighed 242 lbs, and was in terrible shape. My weight this morning showed 170 lbs. Your Trim-Life sessions were certainly worth the investment in time and money. 

Dieting did not work for me. The power of suggestion as applied in Trim-Life really did the job for me. After taking these sessions I did not feel deprived of food as I had with diets. 

At 67 years of age, I am walking through the woods and up hills in the Adirondack Mountains in total physical comfort.

I have found that incorporating a gentle walking program to what I accomplished in your sessions has benefited me enormously. Many thanks.

Be well and continue the good work.


Tom Montagnino

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This Book Changed My Life!

This should be a best seller for 10 years! I had just gotten stung by another betrayal and backstabbing event, I was depressed and felt hopeless... at age 45 (now 64) I had repeated this cycle a thousand times and more... from rescuing family, to erstwhile friends and boyfriends, not to mention unbelievably loser husbands, I felt like committing suicide! It was a rainy westcoast day in Everett, Wa, when I walked into a Unity bookstore, barely functioning and on a lunch break hoping to find some solace in this store as I had done so many times before... Suddenly this book popped out at me! I looked at it and looked again as my heart pounded! You mean someone actually understood that there was such a thing as a "Victim TRAP?"??? I was immediately thrilled and grabbed it off the shelf as if someone might get their hands on it before I did. My heart soared with hope and I couldn't put the book down.

What I learned about myself, the almost mystical triangle (you WILL play all three parts once you step onto the triangle-go-round, whether you are the Rescuer, or you claim to be the Victim, or whether you are the finger wagging persecutor... any of these positions that you 'fall into' (just like a trap), not to mention becoming an addicct to the DRAMA of each part, will inevitably lead you/me to becoming a Victim all over again.

I admit some of the book was tough to take at times as Dianne lays out all the pieces of the puzzle and helps you put them into their places, layer after layer, game after game, of roles we play, the games we get sucked into whether with ourselves or with others (even our pets!). But throughout the process Ms. Zimberoff reveals the secret... it is us! It is taking a position of POWER Vs. the innocent Victim, that we begin to CREATE a new life, a new expectation from ourselves and others... and ONLY then will we be 'set free' from a victim lifestyle.

What she perhaps doesn't warn enough about is when you decide you've had enough 'Black Holes' sucking you into their light sucking vortex, losing your energy, time, money, mind, etc., and you finally take a stand, you will meet resistance and even shunning from co-workers expecting you to rescue them, your children who refuse to grow up, your relatives that are 'always' in a big dramatic [self-made] crisis and expect you to bail them out as you have always done... These people will not be happy campers when you choose to no-longer give your life away to co-dependency, addiction to drama, the "need" to rescue, etc. They think they have your "number" and will whittle away on your soul fully expecting you to give in... and often we capitulate much to our chagrin.

But in the end, if you grew up in an addicted, abusive, manipulative and toxic, dysfunctional family, it is truly the only way out and on up to freedom from the "People of the Lie". Eventually we learn to turn our caretaking upon ourselves, walk carefully among our mine-field of self-made victims, loving them, but no longer being controlled by their unwillingness to grow up and take responsibility for their dramas, traumas and addictions.

I ended up ordering 10 of them from Ms. Zimberoff's website back in the 80's and have since grabbed any copy I've seen in a used book store or thrift store to share with people who, just like me, kept rescuing only to be doubly victimized by our "helpless, innocent, victims"!

This review is from Amazon.com, written by Joy D. Thompson in Wenatchee Washington.

“The Wellness Institute Six Day Hypnotherapy Certification was the most valuable training of my 20 years as a Social Worker. If your experience is anything like mine you will learn to help clients actually clear and let go of the emotional debris of their lifetime wounds. Designed with the utmost of emotional safety and professional integrity, this training  gives you the skills to help clients (and yourself!) transform self limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behavior in the most efficient and effective ways. This unbelievably boosts the effectiveness of your practice (whether or not hypnotherapy can be practiced in your agency!) CLIENTS  DRAMATICALLY  CHANGE  THEIR  SITUATIONS as a result of experiencing this Heart Centered approach. And for you as a practitioner, you are in for a treat.  Things you've been working on diligently within yourself ... become very clear and easy to deal with. I urge to take this next step, really step up your professional and personal growth...... your clients and you deserve it.”  - Ellen Seigel  LISW-S, LCSW, ACHT  - www.HeartCenteredHealing.info


Aloha Fellow Travelers-
I wanted to let you all know that I decided to do the 2 year Hypnotherapy internship and went to my first weekend in April.  It was an absolutely amazing and unexpected experience.  The Wellness Institute is set in the middle of this beautiful forest in Washington. It's a serenely quiet and spiritual retreat center.  I met 14 other people who had completed the 6 day Hypnotherapy workshop and were interested in getting more of the whole experience.  They were all lovely, motivated and interesting people who I consider friends now and hope to know for the rest of my life.

The unexpected part is the spiritual path that we embarked upon.  I thought I was going to learn more about hypnotherapy issues, which I did, but there was also so much more to it!  Personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and fellowship are just the few that come to mind.  There is also a aura of hopeful anticipation that permeates the whole retreat center.  In brief, it was an amazing experience!  I'm so glad I decided to do it. 
- Jeanne H.

Dear Wellness Family,

I just want to take a moment to try to put into words my appreciation for all that you have taught me and the ways you have helped me to grow as a person and as a Clinician over the past two and a half years. I had been attracted to the advertisement for the Six Day Hypnotherapy training and had cut it out many times, but the time just never seemed right. When I noticed a colleague with the same article on her desk, I knew it was no coincidence. I had to take this training and I knew I wanted to do it at the Wellness Center in Seattle (Issaquah). That training in January of 2007 literally changed my life. I came away with more insight into myself and a passion for a modality that I knew would become an integral part of my practice. I also came away with the clear knowledge that I could not continue in my present employment which was making me physically sick and emotionally drained. Within three (3) months, two colleagues (both Wellness people) and I opened our private practice and continued on a most exciting path.


I began the two year Internship Program in October of 2007 and last week I completed the program, becoming an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. This is an achievement that I am both proud to have accomplished and at the same time, humbled and honored by all of the knowledge, experience and confidence I have gained from my teachers. Diane and David, you are both such gifted mentors, but more importantly for me, the comfort level you model in the Heart Centered Hypnotherapy process has allowed me to not only trust the process, but also myself, my intuition and my clinical skills. This, I believe, is a gift that I could not have received anywhere else, or through any other type of training. So for that I am eternally grateful!

I look forward to the next step in my journey, the Personal Transformation Training starting in February of 2010. The path continues - Thank You!  -June Becker

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