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Reality the Way it Really Is and Unseen Influences (11:20)

Friday November 1, 2013

David talks about the many influences in our lives and how most of them are invisible. One reason for this is many of us have been programmed in certain ways; we see through filters. 

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Adult Development to Higher Levels (20:13)

Friday November 1, 2013


David shares about an ongoing fascination that he has with the question of "What is it that changes as we repair past damages?" 

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Gaining Collaboration with the Inner 3-year-old through Magic (26:30)

Thursday July 11, 2013


David talks about the simple mindedness and innocence of the three year old who is enduring, beautiful, fully present in the moment and aware of what they want. This is humanity at its best. The “problem” comes when wants stop being met and/or addressed. 

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Scraping Barnacles, or What I'm Not (12:30)

Thursday July 11, 2013


David talks about how we spend a lot of our life accumulating; knowledge, relationships, possessions... Might be satisfying and might not.  How do we get back to our true Essence?

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Somebody's Gotta Stay Here to Pay the Bills (23:40)

Wednesday October 10, 2012


David shares how when we are young we all have the ability to "go in" and find a resource through agreements and contracts. However, what happens when those contracts are not broken? Usually the part of us that protected us when we were little might now be our enenmy. We must re-negotiate our agreements.  

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Living Your Life While its Under Construction  (6:30)
Wednesday April 4, 2012


David talks about change being disorienting. He compares it to remodeling a home while you are living in it.
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Shame and Addictions - Brick and Mortar in the Wall of Isolation (8:03)
Wednesday March 7, 2012


Diane describes shadow parts and talks about how our shadow parts can block intimacy. How can we take down our walls to reach intimacy? 

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Existential Purpose, Shock, and Spiritual Bypass (7:50)
Wednesday February 8, 2012


Diane talks about resistence to life and what  it mean?  

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The Tragedy of 'It's only your Imagination' (12:29)
Thursday December 15, 2011

How can children be conditioned out of sense of wonder. "Oh it's just your imagination"!
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Nirvana and ‘I Will Fight No More Forever’ (11:00)
Monday December 5, 2011

David talks about finding what feeds the fire of the "shadow".
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"Introjecting Second-hand Smoke" (10:00)
Wednesday December 2, 2011


David discusses "Developing all we were meant to be"... How can we release beliefs that are not our own.
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Use and Misuse of Profound Ceremony (13:00)
Wednesday October 19, 2011


David discusses the aspects of ceremony that touch us so deeply. Not all ceremonies are spiritual; the same effectiveness can be misused in political rallies, “fire and brimstone” sermons, or even in child abuse. Fortunately, the profound nature of ceremony can also be used to heal old wounds.
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Expansion that Feeds Your Soul Right Now (4:00)

Tuesday October 4, 2011


What is it that helps me to expand and what is it that causes me to contract. What is it that feeds your soul right now?

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When Sadness is Contaminated with Regret (5:58)

Wednesday September 7, 2011


Healthy completion: When sadness is contaminated with regret.

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The Original Split and the Powerful Continuing Complex (8:00)

Tuesday July 26, 2011


David talks about an idea he had when there is a feeling of being inundated and it becomes intrusive. 

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Introjection & Projection in Relationships (11.3)

Monday June 6, 2011


Who is in the drivers seat? David talks about how relationships can become impulsive and addictive.

The Ego-Mind and its Siblings (8:11)
Wednesday May 4, 2011


David discusses the parts of us that live within but whose existence is denied by the ego. 

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Inner Children that Ran Away to the Circus (10:34)
Wednesday March 9, 2011
David discusses how we can use projections and dreams to recognize aspects of ourself that have split off.
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Acting Out or Working Out our Deep Wounds (12:10)
Wednesday March 2, 2011


"Acting Out or Working Out our Deep Wounds" (12:10) is a discussion about how our deep inner woundings express themselves. If they are not attended to with compassion, they express through the "muffled cries" of somatic dis-ease, depression, or anxiety. They "act out" like a small desperate child. But if we seek to know and understand these parts of ourselves, we can "work out" their healing.
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Healing Shock in Relationships (3:48)
Saturday Jan 22, 2011


The Wellness offered training on Healing Shock in Relationships January 2011. Diane explains to the group about communicating as a couple in a meaningful way.
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Developing Capacity for Intimacy (7:45)
Saturday Jan 22, 2011

The Wellness offered training on Healing Shock in Relationships January 2011. David talks about developing a new capacity; a new tolerance level.
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Develop a Big but Quiet Ego (11:47)
Tuesday April 20, 2010


A humble ego serves us well, but that is not the same thing as a timid, constrained ego. We need a big, expansive ego in order to be accomplished in the world, and at the same time a quiet, unassuming presence.
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Spray Painting Shadow Graffiti onto Archetypal Structures (19:15)
Saturday March 27, 2010


When we unconsciously project our shadow material onto others, we are spray painting graffiti onto the people in our lives or, worse, onto the archetypes at work in our lives. 

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Mind-Body Connection - Masculine-Feminine (14:44)
Sunday Nov 1, 2009


This is an explanation of the two primal forces at work in the universe and in our bodies (yin/yang, feminine/masculine, parasympathetic/sympathetic, body/mind), using an ancient story of Vishnu and Lakshmi to elaborate.
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I Body No, But Who am I and How did I get in this Predicament? (7:30)
Sunday July 5, 2009


Here is a list of things that I am not, but who am I? And how did I get in this Predicament? Maybe I stumbled into it, or maybe I chose it and then promptly forgot.
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Make the Invisible Visible (2:13)
Sunday July 5, 2009


We forget how plentiful is the support all around us, all the time, just because it is invisible. 

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Maps and Rest Stops on Life's Highway (5:45)
Wednesday Apr 29, 2009


Occasionally, we need to take time out from everyday life to read the map and insure that we are going in the right direction, via the best possible route. That is the purpose of vision quest, sabbath, and quiet reflection.
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Ego is Kite Flyer and Fisher (8:56)
Sunday Feb 1, 2009


What is the ego? This is a metaphor to help understand the relationship between our ego and the expansive self that exists in the Upper World (spirit as in spirited) and in the Lower World (soul as in soulful).
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Containment - Candles and Hurricane Lamps (11:54)
Thursday Jan 1, 2009


The most important way to create safety is to provide containment. What is containment and how do you create it? We use the metaphor of burning candles and of the glass bell around the light in a hurricane lamp.


Birth Issues (31:40)
Monday Dec 1, 2008


Diane Zimberoff discusses some of the intriguing lifelong consequences of various birth complications, such as twin or vanishing twin birth, cesarean birth, anesthetic birth, forceps or breech delivery, and "unwelcome babies."


Mullah Nasruddin's Coat (13:11)
Sunday Sept 28, 2008


This simple Sufi story provides a profound lesson in transcending the ego and embracing our real essence.
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Our Battle Wounds and the Residual Scars (6:40)
Thursday, 29 May 2008


We have been wounded by our life traumas, and those wounds, no matter how well repaired, have left battle scars. Emerging from the fog of war, we must be honest in acknowledging them.
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Bridge States, Anchors and Rituals (13:28)
Thursday May 29, 2008


With the intentional use of these techniques, you can bring back to your everyday life the extraordinary experiences from meditations, dreams, and hypnotic regressions.
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Body, Mind and Soul Connection (43:39)
Monday Dec 10, 2007


Diane Zimberoff: This is a detailed description of the importance of integrating soul energy work with physical and emotional healing in order to develop "authentic empowerment."

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Five Themes of an Existential Approach (24:56)
Saturday Sept 29, 2007

David Hartman: A brief discussion of the five components of an existential approach to life: (1) living each moment, (2) passionate commitment, (3) responsibility for our choices, (4) openness to experience, and (5) awareness of our mortality.


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Abundance in your Life (23:32)
Saturday Sept 29, 2007


Diane Zimberoff: A discussion of what elements in your life contribute to, or detract from, abundance in your life.
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