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Welcome to the Journal Article Archives area of The Welless Institute's website. The links below are some but not all of the articles from the journals we mail out bi-yearly to members of our association.  If you are interested in membership or purchasing any journals please call 1-800-326-4418. Please note in order to become a member you must first complete our Application for Membership.

Journal 11-2 (2008): Violet's Diagnosis: "Sensitive"

Journal 11-1 (2008): Hypnotherapy under Fire: Efficacy of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Iraq War Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress

Journal 11-1 (2008): Breathwork and Couple Relationships: A Qualitative Investigation

Journal 11-1 (2008): Dream Journey: A New Heart-Centered Therapies Modality
Journal 10-2 (2007): the book Collecting Lessons: A Fable
Journal 10-1 (2007): Posttraumatic growth and Thriving
Journal 10-1 (2007): Sexual Abuse and Spiritual Development
Journal 9-2 (2006): Healing the Body-Mind
Journal 9-1 (2006): Soul Migrations: Traumatic and Spiritual
Journal 8-2 (2005): Hypnosis and Heavy Metal
Journal 8-1 (2005): Trauma, Transitions, and Thriving
Journal 7-2 (2004): Corrective Emotional Experience in the Therapeutic Process
Journal 7-1 (2004): Existential Resistance to Life: Ambivalence, Avoidance & Control
Journal 6-2 (2003): Heart-Centered Therapies and the Christian Spiritual Path
Journal 6-2 (2003): Deintegrate, Disintegrate, Unintegrate: A Buddhist Perspective in Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 6-1 (2003): The Existential Approach in Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 6-1 (2003): Ego States in Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 6-1 (2003): Gestalt Therapy and Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 6-1 (2003): Hypnotic Trance in Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 6-1 (2003): Transpersonal Psychology in Heart-Centered Therapies
Journal 5-2 (2002): Somatotropic Therapy
Journal 5-2 (2002): Memory Access to our Earliest Influences
Journal 5-1 (2002): Attachment, Detachment, Nonattachment
Journal 4-2 (2001): Four Existential Themes
Journal 4-1 (2001): Existential Issues: A Developmental Approach
Journal 3-2 (2000): Ego Strengthening and Ego Surrender
Journal 3-1 (2000): Hypnotherapy and Core Emotional Issues
Journal 2-2 (1999): Breathwork: Exploring the Frontier of Being and Doing
Journal 2-1 (1999): Personal Transformation
Journal 2-1 (1999): Psychodrama
Journal 1-1 (1998): Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy