Wellness Team Member Profiles

Welcome to our bio page, where you can view photos, contact information, bios, and in some cases even video of our office team, teachers, and supervision group leaders. Enjoy!

Linda Tremblay

Linda Tremblay, MA, LCMHC, MLADC, is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in New Hampshire. Click here to find more about her supervision groups in Rochester and Portsmouth New Hampshire and read her bio below.

Linda Tremblay MA, LCMHC, MLADC has an active psychotherapy practice in Portsmouth, NH in which she works with adolescents and adults. She attended her Six Day Heart Centered Hypnotherapy training in 2006 and has continued to train with The Wellness Institute since. She has experienced personal and professional healing and growth in herself as well as her clients using the transformative modality of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, and is excited to team with her colleague, Trisha Duffy, in co-creating a supportive community for Wellness trained clinicians in New England.

To learn more go to her website, www.LindaTremblayTherapy.com
, or contact her directly at (603) 661-7345, Linda@LindaTremblayTherapy.com

Gerard Pruziner

Gerard Pruziner, LCSW, is a Wellness Institute Teacher and Supervision Group Leader in New York. He facilitates Six Day Trainings in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and Two Year Internships. Click here for more information about his upcoming Supervision Group Meetings and read his bio below.
Gerard has practiced psychotherapy and Healing in Commack, NY for over 26 years and has extensive experience in Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Addictions Therapy, Barbara Brennan Energy Work, and Integrated Kabalistic Healing.
In his private practice Gerard specializes in Psycho-Spiritual Healing.  In leading supervision groups he specializes in using trance and parts work to help therapists work through ways that they are stuck with clients.

Gerard's contact information is (631) 462-4419, gfp101@optonline.net

Tom Gigliotti

Tom Gigliotti MA LISW-S, ACHT is a holistic psychotherapist in private practice in the Cleveland, Ohio area in addition to his role as the lead mind-body coach with the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine. “I gravitated to the wellness institute training program due to my research background investigations of state of the art mental health treatments for depression and trauma.” I have taught in Mental Health at the University level for 15 years before going into private practice and have seen what the most effective short term therapies are. My responsibilities as an instructor in psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University’s Medical included being the lead therapist on 4 National Institute of Mental Health Treatment studies of depression in teens, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder and comparison’s of Cognitive Behavioral therapy with Anti-depressant medications. Since obtaining my certification as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, I have gone on to receive certifications in the following spirit releasement, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reiki and other Light work, Subtle Energy, Breath work and I am now working on a doctorate in Ro-Hun Therapy (spiritual transpersonal psychology). I currently supervised therapists in Hypnotherapy and plan to enroll clients in Personal Transformation Groups in 2012. Call me at 440-554-6448 or email me at tgig56@aol.com

Renee Garrick

Renee Garrick is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in Chicago Illinois. Click here to find out more about her supervision group and read her bio below.

Renée has provided a variety of wholistic wellness therapies for more than 25 years to children, teens, adolescents and adults in individual, group and workshop settings.  She holds a doctorate in education and specializes in addressing a wide range of challenges experienced by school-aged youth and their families. In addition to being a certified advanced clinical hypnotherapist, she is a certified Release Therapist, holds a variety of certifications and experience in Reiki and other Light work, Subtle Energy, Breathwork and Ro-Hun Therapy (spiritual transpersonal psychology).

Her contact information is
(708) 283-0773, starrborn1@aol.com, www.starbornwellness.com

Kathy Barringer

Kathy Barringer, MS, LPC, is a Wellness Institute Teacher and Supervision Group Leader in Kansas. Click here to find more about her supervision groups in Wichita, Hays, and Kansas City. Enjoy reading her bio below.

Her contact information is (785) 259-5942 or (785) 628-8525, kathyab@eaglecom.net

Marianne Marlow

Marianne Marlow, MA, LMHC, is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in Bellevue Washington. Click here to find out more about her supervision group and read her bio below.

I join in the journey of self discovery to offer an objective,professional perspective for new possibilities in your personal work. I intergrate traditional mental health and alternative methods and treatments. I specialize in Marriage, Family, Individual & groups.

Her contact information is (425) 444-5558, MarrianneMarlow@hotmail.com

Mark Roy

Mark Roy, ACHT is a Wellness Institute Teacher in Oak Forest Illinois. Read his bio below.

Mark is an accomplished Clinition who has worked in the field since 1988. He serves the south west suburbs of Chicago with healing alternatives as well as traditional treatments. He specializes in Family, Marital & Individual Healing.

His contact information is (708) 535-3132, markroy1@comcast.net

Jesse M. Hartman

Jesse Hartman joined The Wellness Institute in February 2011, and works in the office. He can be reached by phone at (425) 391-9716, and email at Jesse@Wellness-Institute.org

Jesse M. Hartman is author of A Journey to Financial Well-Being, a public speaker, and leads courses dedicated to enhancing participants financial well-being, primarily through a conscious awakening and shifting of foundational paradigms that prevent people from experiencing more financial abundance and life fulfillment. For more information visit www.JesseMHartman.com.

Roz Mellen

Roz Mellen, LMFT,
is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in Seattle WA. Click here to find out more about her supervision group and read her bio below.

Roz Mellen is a LMFT, practicing since 1972.  Field work supervisor for LIOS
graduate program for fourteen years.  Attended Wellness Institute Six Day Training in 1996. Supervision Group Leader for The Wellness Institute since 2000.  

Fore more information please contact Roz by phone at (206) 748-1355 or email at RozMellen@yahoo.com.

Anne Cowardin

Anne Cowardin, Dr., is currently in the process of creating a Supervision Group in Boulder Colorado. Read her bio below.

Anne Cowardin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and specializes in trauma, positive psychology, mind-body health and healing.

Her contact information is (720) 839-4741, anne@lifeconnected.org

Matt Ghezzi

Matt Ghezzi, MS, LMHC, ACHT, is a Wellness Institute Teacher and Supervision Group Leader in Florida. Click here to find more about his supervision groups in Ft. Lauderdale  and read his bio below.

Matt Ghezzi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida, and is certified as an Advanced Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. He is also a Certified Imago couples counselor. Matt is a teacher and trainer for the Wellness Institute as well as a Personal Transformation Intensive group facilitator.  He is currently in private practice at the Florida Personal Growth Center, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, and has been providing psychotherapy to individuals, families, couples, and groups for the past twenty years.  Matt continues to provide excellent workshops/lectures for various mental health and managed care facilities and professionals.   His commitment and compassion is to bring this open-hearted Holistic model to the healing community to further the already accelerated advances in Transformational treatment in society.

Matt's contact information is (954) 294-1602, mattghezzi@gpstherapy.com.

Sarah DiPerna

Sarah DiPerna, Psy.D, is a Wellness Institute Teacher and Supervision Group Leader in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Click here to find out more about her supervision group and read her bio below.

Sarah DiPerna, Psy.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida. Sarah has worked in the Mental Health field since 1992. She received her Masters degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in 1998 and received her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, also from Nova Southeastern, in 2001.

Sarah has received subsequent training from the Wellness Institute. Sarah is certified as an Advanced Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and as a Leader for Personal Transformation Intensive groups.

Sarah currently teaches the 6-day Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy certification course, the Advanced Internship Program and also co-leads a Wellness Supervision group with Matt Ghezzi. Sarah has a private practice in Pompano Beach, FL where she works with individuals and couples with relationship /intimacy issues, history of trauma, grief, stress/anxiety management, addictions, mind-body issues and various phase of life transitions. Sarah also facilitates Personal Transformation Intensive Groups.

Sarah utilizes a holistic approach to facilitating the healing process and is committed to assisting her clients and students on their paths to creating positive change and growth in their lives. 

In addition to her work as a psychologist, Sarah is also currently enrolled in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program and will be certified as a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher in May.

Sarah's contact information is (954) 560-7629, SarahDiPerna@aol.com

Vito Alberga

Vito Alberga, LCSW, is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in Chicago. Click here to find more about his supervision groups and read his bio below.

Vito Alberga  is a LCSW in practice for 13 years. He uses Transpersonal Psychology Training in Subtle Energy, Rohun Therapy, and Psychodrama to assist people to gain mastery over their lives, bringing his loving, open and direct style to his work. He specializes in Trauma,working with children,families, individuals and couples.

His contact information is
(847) 592-5588, vasocialwork@aol.com.

Aida Reyes

Aida Reyes, MA, CHT is a Wellness Institute Supervision Group Leader in Miami Florida. Click here for more information about upcoming Supervision Group Meetings in Miami.

Aida Reyes is a Licensed School Psychologist, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist and release therapist. She has been practicing as an Educational Psychologist in California and Florida since 1984. She is a state certified Clinical Educator in Miami Dade County Public Schools and is an Area Supervisor for clinical hypnotherapists. Ms. Reyes has facilitated powerful, motivational and dynamic trainings in small and large group settings focusing on personal effectiveness, self-discovery, healing, and leadership development. Aida has a private practice in Miami where she specializes in marriage therapy, trauma, grief work, and childhood sexual abuse. Ms. Reyes received their hypnotherapy training through the Wellness Institute. She utilizes a holistic approach to the healing process and is committed to assisting others on their paths to positive changes.

Aida's contact information is (305) 345-3498, Regrespsych@aol.com, www.phoenixhealing.org.

Jen Morris

Jen Morris, LCSW-C, CHT,
is a Wellness Institute Teacher and Supervision Group Leader in Annapolis Maryland. Click here to find out more about her supervision group and read her bio below.

Jen Morris, LCSW-C, CHT, began practicing psychotherapy in 1988, and has worked with a variety of clients in numerous settings. Within the medical setting, She has worked with patients dealing with Cancer, HIV, MS, and numerous other health challenges. Jen has worked for many years with the Dept. of Defense, primarily with clients seeking help for depression, anxiety, childhood sexual abuse, anger, traumatic stress and stress management.
She uses a number of modalities but find that one of the most helpful is hypnotherapy. She finds this method to provide insight and change at the very root of emotional and behavioral problems. All of these endeavors continue to challenge and help her grow personally and professionally.

For more information about Jen please view her website, www.psychotherapyannapolis.com or contact her by phone at (410) 320-5157, or email at moejenn@aol.com.

Laurie Rose

Laurie Rose, LCSW is a Wellness Institute Teacher in Park Ridge Illinois. Read her bio below.

The Spirituality of Consciousness and Energy underpins all. Eclectic, intuitive approach to psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with individuals, couples & families. I have 26 years of experience as a psychotherapist, and specialize in Individuals, couples, anxiety, depression, ACOA.

Her contact information is (847) 827-8297, laurie_rose@yahoo.com

Loie Poll

Loie Poll, Ph.D., ACCHT, is currently in the process of creating a Supervision Group in Dubuque Iowa. Read her bio below.

Loie Poll, Ph.D., ACCHT, is a counselor and hypnotherapist who specializes in working with issues related to trauma, substance abuse, unresolved childhood issues, anxiety and depression.  Loie holds a Doctorate of Holistic Ministries from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience.

Loie offers her clients a unique blend of therapies which are geared at healing the whole person.  Gently, Loie takes you into your unconscious to unlock the areas that tend to keep you stuck in your life while at the same time providing you with a safe and compassionate environment.  She uses a combination of talk therapy, guided visualization, hypnotherapy and release therapy to create the deep healing experience you are yearning for.  Loie also works with the whole person by addressing the needs of the mind, body and spirit.

In addition to her private practice in Dubuque, Iowa, Loie offers intensive group therapy weekends called PTI (Personal Transformation Intensive) for individuals who choose to further their healing experience.  This group therapy offers clients a chance to heal from difficult issues while creating safe and healthy friendships with the other individuals in the group.

For more information please contact Loie by phone at her office: (563) 556-9642, cell phone: (563) 590-3372 or her website at: www.LoiePoll.com.