The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training

This program is for practicing Masters and PhD level professionals who want to incorporate hypnosis and hypnotherapy into their practice. This training satisfies 60 continuing education units accredited through NASW and NBCC

The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training is designed for:

  • Professional Counselors, Therapists & Mental Health-care providers
  • Integrative Medicine Providers, including Doctors, Nurses and family therapists
  • Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other healing professionals


Purpose: This dynamic "training experience" provides a strong foundation in hypno-therapy using traditional as well as new and highly innovative techniques to access the inner workings of the sub-conscious mind. This Heart-Centered approach, in turn unlocks the previously untapped resources of the mind.


Listen to what Diane has to say about the Six Day Training and then read more below to find out about Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. To find a training near you please see The Wellness Institute Training Schedule webpage.

Clinical Training: The Wellness Institute is based with a strong foundation of treatment areas including Humanistic psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Jungian etc. Transpersonal Psycho-therapy.

Clinical training: The program covers the clinical areas of:

  • Substance abuse such as alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse,
  • Eating disorders, anorexia, Bulimia, compulsive/destructive over-eating
  • Compulsive Addictive Behaviors: gambling, relationship addictions, sex & co-sex addiction, attracting abusive relationships, destructive work addiction, perfectionism, the victim triangle (see Breaking Free From the Victim Trap)
  • Fears, phobias, anxiety disorders and depression
  • And much more..


Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy: The Tool-box that holds the key to unlocking the profound wisdom of the Human Mind. In the past psychology has taught us to analyze and intellectualize our therapeutic issues. Now with the vast amount of research and information available to us through new technologies, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy has moved into the 21st century, using the past as a strong foundation to catapult us and our clients into profound healing.

Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy is a revolutionary new modality which quickly and clearly reveals the root causes of dysfunctional patterns in our lives. This is a dynamic method of discovering and integrating the previously dissociated and disowned parts of ourselves.
Discover Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy for yourself and for the people you serve!

Hypnosis for Therapists: The Key to Unlocking your Clients' Core Issues

Too often professional psychotherapists have talked and intellectualized client problems, ineffective in changing behavior. Now, with the emergence of humanistic psychology and all the research on the vast potential of the human mind, we are finding more effective treatment tools than traditional talk therapy. The combination of humanistic psychology techniques and Hypnotherapy is now revolutionizing psychotherapy in this country and around the world.


As a therapist, once I added hypnosis to the already powerful humanistic techniques, my clients began making amazing changes. There are massive amounts of information stored in the sub-conscious of which most people are totally unaware. Once the repressed material is brought to awareness, change comes quickly and dramatically!


Hypnosis is the way to get down to the "cause" of problems. It also is the way for the person to re-connect with the dissociated emotions and the disowned parts of themselves. So much treatment today focuses on co-dependency and "healing the inner child." Hypnotherapy is the most powerful way to really reach and heal that lonely, fearful or abandoned inner child.


With this six-day training you, too, can revolutionize your practice!

Accelerated Six Day Training Calendar

If you would like to sign up for our Accelerated Hypnotherapy Certification Course please call 1-800-326-4418 or fill out our contact us form below (please scroll down on the form to submit). We are always adding new classes so please check back often and/or go to our Certification & Training page to find out more about our unique trainings.

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Diane Zimberoff, Founder and Director of the Wellness Institute discusses the Six Day Certification Training that she created over 25 years ago. In that time 5,000 people have graduated from this course in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Watch and learn what Diane has to say about this incredible class.
Ajayan ( is a recent graduate of the Wellness Institute Six Day Certification Course. On the last day of the course in a final sharing exercise, this is what he had to say.
Vivian is a graduate of the Wellness Institute Six Day Certification Course. On the last day of the course in a final sharing exercise, this is what she had to say.