Certification & Training

Welcome to our certification and training page. The Institute's training programs follow a sequential progression of increasing depth. The trainings are numbered below according to progression.
Please check out our catalog of courses along with reading through the information below. If you have any questions please call 1-800-326-4418or through our contact us page.

1. The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training - CHT

This program is the foundation of The Wellness Institute's trainings. It is for practicing Masters and PhD level professionals who want to incorporate hypnosis and hypnotherapy into their practice. This training satisfies 60 continue education units accredited through NASW and NBCC.  Read More

2. Advanced Internship Program - ACHT
This program, which has trained many hundreds of Masters and PhD level therapists, provides the groundwork for anyone who sees him/herself as a teacher or healer. This program is for people with a vision and the ambition to realize it.  Read More

3. PTI Leadership

This one-year training experience will build on the two years of advanced clinical skill-based training you have completed. You will attend four very powerful four-day Workshops, where you will learn new psychotherapy techniques, refine your skills and incorporate the advanced techniques already learned, develop group leadership skills, and have the opportunity to continue to process your own issues. Read More

4. Mentorship Program

In this program, group members experience continued personal growth and healing, focusing on the shock/trauma continuum, shadow work, and group dynamics. We also continue developing clinical skills including intuition, energy management, facilitation of altered states of consciousness, inclusion of  spiritual and soul levels, and exploration of transpersonal realms such as conception, the womb, dreams, archetypal energies, death, past lives, and the inter-life. Read More